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Posted 4/30/2018 4:38pm by Z Farm Life LLC.
Spring Has Sprung!!!
Hey Folks!
The Winter CSA is now over and boy was it a success! We had more member this past Winter than ever before during that season. Thank you all so much for your support! Be sure to rate us and leave comments on our facebook page so anyone interested can see the "results" of joining:)
There are a few more hours left to take advantage of our Spring CSA discount! Through April 30th you can use a coupon code to receive $10 off your Spring membership. Sign up for all upcoming seasons and receive 10% off the total cost.
To Receive $10 off your Spring Share:
Enter the Coupon code: SPRING   (at checkout)
Help Make this a record year for us and sign up today!!!
We would like to thank everyone that helped us can up our fallen greenhouse! You are all so awesome :) Now that the green house is gone we can focus on the task at hand.... growing your veggies! 
Thanks again!
Libby, George and Staff