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Week 1 Store is open!

Posted 7/6/2018 4:30pm by Z Farm Life LLC.


 I am very excited to announce that your first Early Summer CSA store is open!! You will be able to place your orders from now until Sunday at 5 pm. Select the link below to place your order!
Please place your order using the name of the Primary User on your Membership. If you order under a different name or email, your order may not be found. If you happen to forget to place your order, we will send you a farm choice share so you don't miss out!
Your orders will be harvested and packed on Tuesday of next week. You will receive your delivery on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Your delivery day will not change unless you are notified otherwise. Please include any delivery instructions for our drivers in the notes section of your order form.
Each week, you will receive your veggies in our white CSA boxes with an ice pack inside to ensure freshness. Every week we ask that you leave all boxes, bags and ice packs out for our drivers to pick up. WE REUSE EVERYTHING! 
The weather is now hot and humid. If you receive any produce that is not top quality, please email us at zfarmwholesale@gmail.com and we will make arrangements to replace that item. If you ever need to skip a week for any reason, also email us at this email so we can take the proper steps. Our office days are only Monday and early Tuesday mornings. The rest of the week we are out in the fields and more than likely will not be able to answer your emails right away.
We look forward to the Early Summer CSA season! Let your friends and family know that we are still taking new sign ups!
Thanks for your support!
Libby and Lacey