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All CSA will receive home deliveries

Posted 9/2/2018 7:52pm by Z Farm Life LLC.

To all our cherished CSA members, 

 As some of you all are aware, we had a vehicle issue this week and could not attend two markets for pick ups. As we look forward to the upcoming week, there seems to be large amounts of rain in the forecast for the weekend. We have made the decision to place all CSA members on home delivery. This summer has been the worst summer we have had in a very very long time. Humidity and heavy rain has destroyed over half of our crops. We are only able to harvest small amounts each week so we need to gove our CSA members first priority. By having you place your order every weekend, we can guarantee to get great quality produce and we will deliver it to your home so that you do not miss a single week due to weather or other circumstances.

Below is the link to place your order:


The CSA store will be open an extra 24 hours to give you time to place your order. We send deliveries on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. You will be notified tomorrow of your delivery day and this day will be the same every week. We understand this will take some adjustment for those of you who have always picked up at market. If you forget to place your order, we send a farmer choice box to make sure you do not miss out.

Placing your order this week will put you onto the correct delivery schedule. You will receive 6 deliveries in total to your home address listed on your membership.  

Thank you all for your support in this extremely difficult season, 

Libby & Lacey