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Don't forget to place your order

Posted 12/9/2018 10:25am by Z Farm Life LLC.
 If you have not placed your order yet, you have until 5 pm to do so! Here is the link:
Don't forget to check out our Local Specialty Item store! Stock up on your favorite goodies now since we won't be starting our next season for another 2 weeks after this one ends!
If you would like to receive a special delivery for Christmas, our Christmas Holiday delivery store is open! Your delivery will be just like the your CSA shares, but we will drop it off right before the Christmas Holiday. This is an excellent opportunity to make your Farm to Table Holiday meal the talk of the season! We will be offering local Turkeys, Hams and other Holiday themed items on our Store as well! Below is the link for sign up for this special delivery AND our WINTER CSA!
Thanks for your support!
Libby and Lacey