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Where On The Farm Would You Like To Hold Your Event?

Below are the locations on site that we have available for events:

-Willow Tree Pond (Small-Large Capacity)

*This is a Beautiful, serene space located alongside our entrance pond, surrounded by fields and forest. A Weeping willow cascades down a short distance from the pond making it an ideal location for wedding ceremonies.

-The Stand Side Greenhouse (Small-Medium Capacity)

*This venue is a smaller sized long covered hoop house that can be "dressed up or down" accordingly. It stands at the entrance of the home farm directly next to our farm stand.

-The Home Farm Stand (Small Capacity)

*Our farm stand can be cleared out to create a cozy, picnic/ eclectic farm feel for things like birthday parties, cook outs and intimate rehearsal dinners.

-The Bridal Barn (Small Capacity Used Mainly For Bridal Parties To Prepare the Day Of Event)

*Our "Bridal Barn is a small red barn located in the yard of the home farm which backs up to a field and pond. We have had much success using this as a spot for the bridal party to gather and get ready before the ceremony.


Coming Next Year:

(More information on these venues to come...)

-The Gathering Place Greenhouse (Large Capacity)

*This is a large capacity greenhouse located behind our farm stand at the hoe farm. This space can be "dressed up or down" accordingly.

-Stable Side Barn (Large Capacity)

*This barn in located in the heart of our home farm. The barn itself is attached to our stables and is very large capacity.

Please Email for pricing and/or any other questions. Thank you for your interest!



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